SOCA “social online campaign advertising” MEDIA HOUSE, was created between friends, both with a passion and drive for online marketing. The idea behind SOCA MEDIA HOUSE is to provide clients with a successful online presence and build their brands through means of an all-round online service.

SOCA started as a social media management company specializing only in social media platforms, but has quickly grown and matured to specializing in everything media.

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SOCA made the leap from managing content and platforms to generating content and creating platforms. We provide tailored management and content for every client, emphasizing brand differentiation and individuality.

Together with the fast-growing and ever-evolving online marketing industry, SOCA MEDIA HOUSE is dedicated to do the same – molding itself as a brand to fit in to a gap in the market that promises to serve you well. SOCA MEDIA HOUSE has dedicated themselves to keep on evolving and providing their clients with cutting edge media in the industry.