Art of Performance Day with Jaguar Stellenbosch

Art of Performance Day with Jaguar Stellenbosch

Jaguar… The very name emphasizing performance, style, design and screaming take me NOW! Add a race track for the day and you are set for dangerous amounts of excitement!

The whole SOCA Team had the privilege to take part in the Jaguar Art of Performance Experience with Jaguar Stellenbosch at Killarney Race Course, and what a day it turned out to be. We arrived early and eager with a VIP welcome to the track and were treated with delicious finger snacks courtesy of Silver Spoon Catering.

After indulging in the mouth-watering treats, we got our brief from the pro’s on what will go down. Safety checks were done and brake tests were performed, giving the entire team a new found respect for road safety. Upon receiving our Jaguar-approved safety helmets, we were given the opportunity to pick any of the Jaguars vehicles on display to take out for a spin! Of course that created chaos among all the participants as everyone rushed to grab the all-powerful F-Type, ranking up an impressive 405 KW!! Everyone quickly calmed down once we realized that we all will get the opportunity to try out the various different Jaguar models.

Strapped in and ready to go, the realization of what’s going to happen sets in and all of a sudden you can feel your heart pounding throughout your entire body! The Jaguar-trained pro in the passenger seat screams LET’S GO! Foot planted against the floor and the beast is OFF! The G-Force consumes your body and leaves you snug in the racing seat as adrenaline fills your brain and every movement feels as though it has been slowed down about 10 times! First corner to the left, brake… BRAKE! Accelerate, GO GO GO! The sound of the pro fills the air as we follow the race line… That’s it, I’m sold!! This might be what I was born to do.

As the day came to an end, the only way we could describe the feeling of taking a vehicle so powerful as a Jaguar to the tracks would be to compare it with a life defining moment. Hands down, definitely one of the top five experiences we’ve had! You might not have the Killarney Race Course Experience described above, but we highly recommend you book a test drive at Jaguar Land Rover Stellenbosch and take one of these roaring Cats out on road. Pure performance. Thanks JLR Stellenbosch for this unforgettable experience 🙂

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