Land Rover Sea of Sand Challenge 2016

Land Rover Sea of Sand Challenge 2016

Our amazing clients over at Land Rover Stellenbosch invited us to the 2016 Annual Land Rover Sea of Sand Challenge in Melkbosstrand on Saturday, 21 May. Unsurprisingly we agreed to this fun-filled event, there’s no surprise or shame that Team SOCA just loves partaking in events like these. It not only gives us the opportunity to play with our toys, but also ┬áto meet new and exciting people.

So, bright and early we arrived at Zone 7, the 4×4 Melkbosstrand Course, all pumped and excited for the day ahead. We were met by equally excited 4×4 enthusiast, their family and friends and plenty of spectators. It didn’t take us long to offloaded our gear and immediately released the drone to capture some areal footage of the sun rise.

Plenty of 4×4 vehicles, all shapes and sizes were lined up and ready to go. Amongst them, Land Rover Stellenbosch with two stock 2016 Land Rover Discoveries. No time was wasted, and the proceedings kicked off with the event organizers laying down the rules of the challenge and how the day will go down.

Excited and ready, the 4×4 enthusiasts set off and after completing the first set of obstacles it was very clear that the course would not go down easily. The tension and suspense kept building and after a view close calls and hair-raising moments, the drivers started to take on the course with a little more caution.

One obstacle in particular still had the Challenge participants clenching their seats, the drivers had to do a 45 degree angle hill climb with a 180 degree turn at the bottom, followed by another 45 degree angle hill climb. That’s still not the catch. They had to do all this, blind folded. Eish. Luckily there were no major damage, but a few close calls!

The day ended with prize giving, congratulating the drivers on completing the course (and missing a few obstacles along the way) and a celebratory braai. Take it from us, if you are in any way a 4×4, outdoor, off-road, action and adrenaline junkie, this is one event you will need to take note of every year! You will most definitely catch us there again! Here’s our best highlights from the day: