SOCA Vehicle Review: Volkswagen Golf R Lapiz Blue

SOCA Vehicle Review: Volkswagen Golf R Lapiz Blue

Over the weekend we received a call from friends asking us to meet up with them in order to help review the All-New 2016 VW Golf R. We took on the challenge, without hesitation obviously, jumped in the car and off we went to Milnerton. After a brief strategy chat, we all agreed that this particular beast VW Golf should definitely be reviewed among the Winelands. Just image, the open road with Table Mountain featuring in the background… Yup, we saw it too.

And off we go looking for the perfect spot. It didn’t take us long to find a nice spot that met all strategy criteria, let’s be honest, the Winelands is packed with beauty and picturesque surrounding. Right from the start you could see this monster was build for phenomenal speed. By now everyone was pretty much dying inside and secretly hoping to be the first to take this beast to the road to test its ultimate capabilities. But, the crew kept their composure and focused on getting the task at hand done.

We finally prepped the Golf to test its on-road capabilities, and by prepping I mean we tweaked the incredible sports settings. Now for the big question, who will be the lucky driver testing out the skills and capabilities of the fantastic vehicle… Alas, blasting down the road we went.

Getting in, the interior is very welcoming, the Golf comes standard with most of its luxuries so you don`t have to splash too much more on optional extras. The racing seats kept us snug and tight and the overall trim is very satisfying. Scoring high in the interior department for us.

We had the automatic DSG gearbox and it was shifting smoothly and faster than you could say V-W(hat). If you’re thinking about getting yourself one of these, we would truly recommend taking this extra option as it brings additional comfort while driving and the paddle shift option included just gives you more of that sports-car feel. Don`t get me wrong, going manual is still excellent but getting around the bends won’t be as smooth. The automatic with paddle shift allows the driver to focus more on the road, and less on having to actually control the car.

Finishing up the last of the on-road reviews and test, before finally releasing the drone to get some aerial footage of this epic car. All and all, we had an amazing time with the VW Golf R and were definitely all pleasantly surprised with it’s ridiculous performance capabilities. Go on, test it for yourself!


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